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Mad Lab

«Todos los objetos cuentan historias, historias de emprendimiento, diseño, artesanos y tecnología, y la más importante, cuentan las historias de aquellos que hicieron suyos esos objetos y los supieron cuidar y ensoñarse con ellos para regalarlos o legarlos a sus herederos.»

Mad Lab applies its philosophy of sustainability to all areas of our business; products are durable, of proven quality, made with certified materials and highly recyclable. Furthermore, they must be manufactured locally and with a vision of a better world for us all. Our ethos, “with what I have, what can I create?” ,expands our horizons towards previously inconceivable heights.

Mad Lab provides design solutions with a unique point of view. Items are crafted with utmost care by artisans and industrialists, giving an additional value to the design-craft-industry relationship by promoting fair trade values.

Mad Lab believes that design is a tool that emotionally binds end user, designer, artisan and industry in an unbreakable chain. Through our designs the end user can understand the entire process and appreciate the value of each link.

Mad Lab works to channel projects of talented designers who, in light of the current crisis, struggle to make their ideas a reality. We therefore propose to offer a formative project for designers, artisans and industrialists to meet and exchange ideas. Our goal is to provide our community with a productive and ever-growing network to help both experienced and up and coming designers. Additionally, Mad Lab works with other promotional and editorial companies with the aim of joining forces and producing further collaborations.

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